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Co-written by Ted Griffin (Ocean’s Eleven) and Jeff Nathanson (two last Rush Hour movies) Tower Heist unfortunately is no Ocean’s Eleven. It has a stellar cast lead by Ben Stiller as Josh Kovacs, who is the manager of an elite New York high-rise known simply as The Tower. His workforce includes Casey Affleck as Josh’s brother-in-law concierge Charlie, Michael Peña as a new elevator operator Enrique and Gabourey Sidibe as a Jamaican maid Odessa. Among the residents of The Tower are a former broker Mr. Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick) and a Bernie-Madoff-like billionaire Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda).

Things kick off when FBI puts Shaw under a house arrest after discovering his Ponzi scheme. Simultaneously the employees of the luxury condominium find out that Shaw has stolen their pension funds. Kovacs gets angry on behalf of – well – everybody and decides to play a modern-day Robin Hood. He cooks up a plan to break into Shaw’s penthouse and steal his hidden stash. Kovacks enlists a small-time thief, Slide, (Eddie Murphy) to help him and his “crew”. They begin to plan the robbery while closely watched by FBI Special Agent Claire Denham (Téa Leoni), who has also caught Kovacs eye.

Concept of this comedy is extremely current with the occupy protest movement. Movie’s original idea (in a different form) came from Eddie Murphy. The cast delivers the jokes – even the unfunny ones – well and entertainingly. As always Stiller gives his character soulfulness. And rest of the cast do a good job as well. The only character that does not shine is Leoni’s Special Agent Denham. Not sure if that was the best casting decision.

All in all – easy to watch and easy to forget.


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